Okay, so ive been playing guitar for about six months now, and about 3 weeks ago i cut my finger on my strings, really freaking bad, so i took a look at the strings and saw they had turned black. So i assumed it was rust and decided to go to my local music store and buy some new strings. I bought stainless steel ernie ball strings, assuming i wouldnt have to worry about the problem again. Now three weeks later, THEYRE ALREADY STARTING TO TURN BLACK AGAIN. only in certain erias though. So i was just wondering is it rust, and i bought really crappy strings, or something?
dirt mainly. the strings get worn out by you playing them. it sounds by the rate of your playing, you'll have to change yoru strings every month or so. strings are supposed to get like that
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its not rust. its oil and dirt from ur fingers. it happens w/ all types of strings. on acoustics, mine have turned slightly green. but if u get some string-cleaner wipes, it should take alot longer for them to blacken if u clean em alot. And Ernie Ball strings are good.
its not the strings though, thats for sure. ive had the same ernie balls on my ibanez six string for a year and a half and they still sound really good... or are they GHS boomers... either way, they shouldnt do that in a month. keep your hands clean when you play, and also, as Gotsa said, wipe them down and clean them from time to time.
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as you heard above, it's dirt. get something like fastfret to clean your strings
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ok people said it a thousand times, but yeah its dirt, and ernie balls are excellent strings, so its not that, but i recommend either buying string cleaner, changing ur strings every 1 - 1 1/2 months, and/or washing your hands every time before you play...
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just wipe the strings off with something after every playing session and keep your hands clean. that should keep them looking good for a while.
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