sorry, kk, just a practise amp, for band and stuff. i play mostly rock.
if you know any amps with some effects on it that are in my area price range... i like them
Led Zeppelin
I would say get a Rogue or Drive, they are pretty inexpensive, not top of the line, but they work, and you can get some pretty good wattage for the price.

My Rogue 120W 15" Combo Amp cost $199.99 on Musiciansfriend.com (though I don't think they have it anymore), just watch out for shipping fees.
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used Peavey TNT series. $200 will only scratch the surface of decent bass sound, new. i use MF to shop, i use the classifieds, to buy. used equipment is your best option, unless you live in BFE. (slang term- Bum F*cked Egypt). lol