Hello everyone. I'm new to these forums, and I thought I'd post some "lyrics" that I have written. I was previously in a band, that didn't last long, and we "wrote songs" and they were awful. Now, abbout a year and a half later, I have started trying to write lyrics again, and maybe form another band. I don't think my lyrics are good, but I have printed many of the lyric writing guides from this site. Anyway, here are the lyrics:


Did you mean it
when you said you loved me?
Expressing false emotions
you make me sick!
you faked it all
ripped out my heart


You make me sick!
You're twisted and perverse
you're a backstabber
and a liar

Verse 2:

Now that you're gone
i'm so much better off
you're not holding me down
i'm alive,
and glad you're gone.

Like i said, it needs ALOT of work. I was just sitting in my room last nigh listening to Nirvana, and decided to "write" a song. I will take any advice you can give on how to make this better.

Thanks for your time.
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