If you know the know the name of the theme tune to Charmed (by the smiths) the vereses reminded me of that and nice layering of vocals in the chrous. But i dont like how you lead into the chorus. Unfortunately my pc started like spitting bits of the song out after the second chorus. But the solo thingy was too repetetive in my opinion. But loved the way you went into the last chorus/outro.

Thanks for the crit
This is pretty well written. The vocals in the chorus are very catchy, good job on the layering. The quality on this is good as well, what did you use to record it? Only crit I could give you is maybe pull the lead guitar up in the levels a bit, this song is heavy on the low end, but it suits it. This could be a great song if you fixed the levels up a bit.
ok. i use audacity to record. i mic my amp and use a "stack in the box" as a preamp for vocals. when i'm done recording i edit out the fuzz using the amplify effect.
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Quote by chrisatgrace
when i'm done recording i edit out the fuzz using the amplify effect.

Please elaborate, I'm having a big problem with fuzzy recordings.

And I think this is a great song, instrumentally and vocally. I really love the solo it sounded amazing. The only thing that can really be criticized is the fact that it has a really basic structure, but I think you pulled it off.
well, go and amplify down the parts of the recording you don't want to be heard. then make sure that you have a full mix and it will sound like your recording isn't very fuzzy at all.
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I like it, pretty catchy 7.5/10
I would like to see some more from you.




The guitars are a little low in the mix. Especially during the chorus. The general feel of the song is good, I like it...i can definitely sense a feeling of "underwater' haha. I like the vocal harmonies. Overall, it's a cool song, good job!
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Wow I listened to Come To Me and I liked it a lot. Ya my recording was a quick throw together and ya my guitarist is gay and stole my bassline for his guitar part so I had to think of something else but was running out of options since he had a friggin walking guitar line . I hate having 2 guitarists lol. But your recording were overall really good and I can't believe you use Audacity so you must use some really nice recording equipment
not really. a 20 dollar beringer mic, and a direct line in to my computor.
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ok then someone knows how to mix and master... and don't tell me thats how it came out of the mic with only volume checks
yeah. i use "freeverb2" for vocals, and i do have a cheap preamp. but yeah, i mixed it.
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this is the first song of yours i really paid attention to the lyrics...mostly because usually they are hard to understand. they are actually really interesting. you're the UG master of creating really weird moods in songs. although i can't help but wonder how your songs would be sort of stripped down without vocal effects. it'd be really cool to hear something like that. anyways, back on topic. quality is great and the chorus was awesome.
Wow dude.. I heard the first drowning and I liked it, you are a chameleon, lmao.. I love your interchangeable styles, first you do metal then funky stuff then acoustic stuff, I liked it a lot.

I like the vocals in the acoustic better...
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