Hello my only friends.

Im afraid im going crazy or somthing and i need your help. Tons of people in my little town are in love with Tiger Army. Like WAY in love. I know of people who drove all the way to warped tour Just to see tiger army. I know they are kinda cool but they absolutly not Physcobilly and there is nothing special about them as far as i can tell.

Is this nationwide or am just in a dumb little town?
i saw em at warped and they won me over.

but not many people here are very obsessed with em.
Go Veg.
there new songs have weak bass and a guitar that , doesnt matter which type it is, is not a gretsch 59. In conclusion there new album blows but there old stuff was pretty good maybe not up to your standards but cool stuff i think
why does every band that becomes kinda popular have old stuff that is way better than their new stuff?

yeah I am not as pissed at the influx of worshippers of them as the people who are like "omg they are so rockabilly" cuz the only thing rockabilly about them is upright bass and the look (kinda).
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