So i've been playing guitar for about 4 years. I play everything from blues to metal and everything in between. But, for the last few months I've felt like I've hit a wall and my playing hasn't improved. Any suggestions on practice routines and excercises to improve my playing.
SWEEP PICKING! practice as much as u can, and start doing faster stuff. just practice slow, and increase ur speed from there.
Learn Jazz!

I dare you.
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jazz chords. t hey are fun, can be used practicly in many ways for rock. or you could learn some dream theater stuff. that should keep you occupied until you die
i could advice on my leads cuz im self taught and almost always use some variation of the minor scale. i need to change it up any scale suggestions (sweep arpeggios kick ass but they r a pain in the ass to play well)
i did the same thing, then i picked up some weird delta lousiana bayou devilish blues riffs that absolutely blew my brain