I'm probably willing to go up to about $200. I'm looking for a fuzz pedal which'll allow me to emulate the buzzy sort of sound in Satisfaction.

Any suggestions?
A fuzz effect is relatively easy to make. I'll wait until EC finds his way here. He has a link to a good kit.
I have the DOD FX52 Classic Fuzz pedal. You can find it for like 20-30$ on Ebay, maybe even cheaper. But don't let the price fool you. It's got a fuzzy retro sound and good sustain. It's versatile too. You should definitely try it out, it's underrated and usually forgotten, but it's amazing.
Damn, that pedal looks great.

I'm not getting one until around May, but that seems like a huge contender now.

Kinda seems like it's hard to buy one, though.
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