What's up UG? Well, our band just got our newly mastered demos back from Chicago. I was hoping some of you critics out there might find the time to tell us what you truly think of our recordings. The more brutally honest, the better!

Here are some of my own opinions:

1. We should have used a click-track. Easily a $1000 mistake.

2. We shouldn't have recorded with both guitarists. Since we had no click track as a reference, it was impossible to sync up the two guitarist's performances.

Other than that, I don't think it's too bad. Just expensive, but hey, you learn from your mistakes.

I'd like to thank in advance all of you who found the time to check us out. Leave a link, and I'll gladly check your stuff out, regardless of genre.

Ryan of Hollowpoint
what can i say, its metal. u have a very good screaming voice and really just an all around good voice. i like life in your hands, very heavy, i love the chorus. good guitar work and drum work. sounds very professional. keep it up, u guys got some talent.
*EDIT* i forgot could u crit mine
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life in your hands:guitars were pretty brutal. the vocals had a bit too much highs in the scream ( i think) but over all are pretty hight quality. i love the singing. nice job. great stuff. i'd add you except you're already my friend i thought the guitars were pretty well in sync.

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Those are some bad ass guitar riffs man. the singers scream is amazing. the guitars arent really out of sync that much. you have a kick ass drummer though. hell your whole band kicks ass.

stay metal man!