For those who are in a band or jam with other people, what amp do you use. Im interested because i have my stack for gigging and just a combo for rehersals and was wondering if this was similar to anyone else
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I use my Laney RB-8 (still a combo, but a powerful one) for most purposes, and run an extension cab from it if I need the extra umph.

I have a small combo, the one I bought when I first started playing actually, for when we play acoustic (well, if we play full acoustic live I just run through the PA) or get together in someones front room with acoustics to work on songwriting et cetera.
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I have a combo, an Ibanez soundwave 115, 100 watts.

I'm working on saving for a stack. When I get it, I'm planning on selling the Ibanez combo and getting something smaller. Not less powerful, I still want a 115 with 100 watts, but the Ibanez is built to double as a monitor, so it leans backwards, and that adds A LOT of girth to the amp, as well as it being extremely heavy.

It sounds great, but it's really too much to move around just for practice and jamming. I'll probably get an Ampeg 115 combo. There's one at my local pawn shop, if I didn't have a good warranty on my Ibanez, I'd go offer them a trade. However if anything ends up wrong with that Ampeg, I'll end up spending some serious change if I can't fix it myself (I just picked up my Ibanez from the music shop I bought it from with a buzzing speaker problem, the fix was free.)

I used to HATE the high prices at all my local shops, but now that I'm learning how easy it is to break stuff, I'm really saving money with the warranty.

Here's the cab I'm looking at btw. Not sure what head to get with it, but I want something simple. I don't need a whole lot of complicated EQ to get the tone I want.

i use the same 1/2 stack for practice jams, as i do for shows. in my studio project band, we all go direct into seperate pre-amps, that all go to the board(mackey 32trk),
and listen through headphones, no amps. that keeps the neighbors happy.
a small combo for jamming (45 watts)

and so far, all i've needed is a 450 watt combo for gigs, haven't needed anything bigger than that yet
Crate BT100. It's 100watts of reliable, solid-state goodness.

For shows, I use my Ampeg SVT3-PRO and often times a borrowed Ampeg 8x10 or 6x10. I'm trying to wrangle some cabs for myself, but now that I'm in college it's really hard to raise money!
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Had to sell this to get my current stage rig, but I loved every minute of playing on my Peavey TNT 115. That thing had some incredible tone and actually got pretty loud. It had the power for an extra cab, too.
my friend uses a 60 watt Marshall.sounds preety good.its very loud and not THAT heavy.consider it.
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i'm in the process of selliny my halfstack.. got rid of the head pretty quick but my cab doesn't seem to want to move.

for jamming i'd like to get one of those gallien krueger backlines. the ones shaped like wedge./ probably the 1x12 version
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I play with my Laney RB9+4x10
I practise with it.
My band practises with their stacks.

It's how it should be, if you have somthing awesome and loud, use it
I have an ampeg 8x10 and (for now) a GK Backline 600. I should be getting the SVT Classic soon. I use it when I play with my band, albeit I play in my own house. It's too much to transport often.
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i got a mixing desk to a 100 watt power amp to 2 1x15 cabs for band practice

i use y rumble 100/115 for gigs unless i can use a different amp
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At the mo, my rig is a Mark Bass LMII into an Epifani UL-110. I'm in the middle of buying an EBS NEO110 which I'd use for gigs in combination with my current rig, which I'd just use for practise.