I find it fun till I break them, then I get ****ing angry.

Plus, you always look like a fudd with a pick in your mouth. I used to think I looked cool, but never have I been more of an ignorant fool, GADZOOKS!
All the time! I put it in my mouth when I go to change tab on my PC or whatever. Those Dava control picks have a really nice texture
OMFG I thought i was the only one that did that!!!

It feels like I have friends now.

Oh well....

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I can't relate to the never ending games you play.
Always. I don't chew on them, or even bite down, I just hold them there.
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Youre weird.

But yea i do, when im practicin tapping i put my pick in my mouth sometimes 20 minutes after i stop my pick is still in my mouth
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Either way, I don't think bananas should be placed in such proximity to an ass

I disagree. Bananas and ass are like peaches and cream.
yea i do it all the time...it's like a habbit. there's been a bunch of times when i spend a few minutes looking for my picks (i lose like 3 a day) only to realize i have it in my mouth
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For a second, I thought the thread started with a 'D', not a 'P'.

But yes, I play with picks in my mouth, I still don't know why.
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i think picks should be flavored.

That would be weird...haha
Your fingers would smell funny
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I usually chew on the 1 en coins from my trip to japan cause theyz tasty.

if not available, then i chew on my 3mm big stubby.
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they all end up in my mouth, one way or another. they get lost if I don't store them in my cheeks.

exactly. i find putting picks into your orifices is the only sure fire way not to lose them.
I carry one around in between my cheeks and teeth always, but only because I have OCD.




i have never once put my pick in my mouth