I thought I'd kick off my first post with a bang. Did anybody else see where Gibson Guitars just ranked the Top 10 metal solos of All-Time? It's a pretty good list. I could pick it apart a little -- not enough Page, but it's pretty good. Check it out. Let's get into it. Here is is right right here
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page isn't even metal
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Haha, this is great. He had $1000, and got a spider. That salesman deserves a god damn medal.

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Heres some tips.

Post in the right place

You are new, and alot of UG'ers are ignorant. Not many will think of your posts as cool unless they're porn.

Think before you post a thread or post. (I.E. right place? What do I want to achieve?)
^ +1

This would usually go in the Metal forum, but if you go there and say Jimmy Page is metal, you're going to get flamed.