So umm I was going to audition for guitar for jazz band this year, but it turns out a guy saw my name on the audition list whos grades ahead of me who i've known for quite a while. He talked to the music teacher and he said that I'm already in jazz band. But I don't have a bass because the one I've been using for the past 3 years was my old schools. So if anyone has any good recommendation for a bass to lookout for when shopping let me know. I don't have weeks to wait to order one or anything like that I might need it soon.

ps. It doesn't have to be a Fender Jazz or anything like that, and anything with smaller frets would be even more stellar. I had a Cort C-4 that I've been using, 24 frets and the frets were pretty small and it was an amazing bass, even if it has a bit of a darker sound.
Price range?
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Surely if you are supposedly in a jazz band, you would be the preferable choice due to greater experience in the setting.
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