Alright somethings wrong with my powertab thingamajig. Whenever i download a powertab file my comp cant recognize that its a powertab file and cant read it at all. This just started happening today usually i can download powertabs just fine. I tried uninstalling and re-installing powertab but it didnt work... =( Help would be appreciated almighty pit!
did you restart your computer after you redownloaded it? do you have the most recent edition?
Ltd im probably getting GP in like a week and yes i have the most recent addition and have restarted...all to no avail. And yes i tried barrel rolls and icyhot
Try right clicking and, "open with..." then select Power Tab, not as easy as just clicking it, but it works
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get guitar pro
theres a good one on LimeWire if you're feeling like a pirate...