My roommate drives me crazy. He always goes out and gets ****faced at some crazy frat parties then comes back to our room drunk as hell at about 5 in the morning wakes me up and just starts acting like a jack off. Any suugestions would be much appreciated
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Tell him you'll send this guy to him if he doesn't stop.

change the locks
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I'm getting a new roommate on Monday. I hope she doesn't have porblems like yours.

put castor oil on all of his food.
Seriously, just go the leasing office of your dorm or whatever and tell them you want a new roommate. I'm pretty sure they can switch someone else with him.
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File for a new roommate.
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Pull out the panel on the elevator and change the buttons around when he's gone. Then just write your room number on the same door of the floor that the elevator will go to when he presses your floor and since he'll be drunk he won't know the difference.

...if that doesn't work, file for a new roommate.
get ****faced back athim! YA! Thats what I do, just get drunker then them, so YOUR the biligirent...ballagerent... bill... BYYYAAAAHH!