Right now I don't use any pedals. I like to keep it pretty simple. My band plays a lot of heavy stuff and some clean. What pedals should I buy.
Reverb is sweet for solos.
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Delay and Wah for your solos
A chorus for cleans
And a phaser for any time you might want it.
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Boss Digi-Delay would work. Boss has another cool pedal called the Super Shifter. If u play metal, and have some harmonies that u cant rly pull off live, it has a harmonizer, which is cool. it also is like a Whammy without a foot pedal i think. its awesome. IMO, a BYOC Flanger would be awesome. u should buy one of the kits and DIY the thing. I second the Metal Muff and maybe a Crybaby from Hell or a Slash Crybaby.
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Delay and Wah for your solos
A chorus for cleans
And a phaser for any time you might want it.

pretty much sums up what you need

just add in a tubescreamer(the ts9dx/the one with the addtional gain knob) and your pretty much set
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get a cheap marshall... my MG15DFX has a button that simulates the sound of one of the expensive tube marshall amps.
I just want to add somthing cool to my setup. I havent really experimented with many pedals. I use the delay on my marshall but that's about it. I do need a tunner for shows unstead of just tunning out loud.
Overdrive (go for a Maxon tubescreamer, much better than the Ibanez)

IncuEdit: If you need a tuner, go Planet Waves or Peterson
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im just like u dude and like it simple, i use my phase 90 the most just for solos. so i say a phaser.