Well my Treble and Bass knobs are completely lifeless in my JCM800. I've been told that the pots need to be cleaned so I removed the chassis...etc. I don't have contact cleaner or "tuner" cleaner....can I spray some WD-40 into the pots? Will this f*ck it up? Has anyone here cleaned their pots? Whats worked for you? Thanks for any help.
damn...any other alternatives? The whole damn thing needs to be tuned up, but I'm trying to do what I can before hand so I don't get raped by a massive repair bill. I'm broke.
ive never done that myself, but i dont think its a good idea. and id say uldhppi is right

just go get some contact cleaner, itll last ya forever.
^thanks for that advice. Anyone know the difference between contact cleaner and tuner cleaner?