Ive always wondered this... what happens when a band splits up like dont they have contractural obligations that they must complete. Surely if they've signed a contract they can't just get out of it by splitting up. If they could Ithink most bands on dodgy labels, ie Victory records, would probably just claim to split up and reform under a different name to get out of their contract.

Also is it just the name thats under the contract not the band because groups such as underoath and ,I know a lot more, have completely changed band members whilst under contract... surely that's some sort of breach?
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most bands sign a recording contract as a band. they do x amount of CD's or an x amount of touring. If bands just cant do what they did before, the label will get rid of the contract, because there a loss of money. And rly, as for lineup changes, its all up to the band. If they want to get rid of a member, they can. Its called creative control. the bands can do whatever they want, as long as the company knows. they cant do a single thing about how the music sounds. most bands can re-negotiate a contract with a lawyer.

Summary-Bands do whatever they want, as long as they make money for the company and fulfill their contract obligations. Lawyers are their tools against the company. if they dont like what their label is doing, they can argue with a lawyer.