I don't understand. I put some new strings on my guitar and it's making a very very ugly noise. Every time I strum, it maks this static sound, almost shakey (not in a good way). It's impossible to tune right now! What's the problem? Did I get bad strings?
i dont think its ur strings. id say its either your electronics or your neck. you might have a truss rod problem. go get it checked out ASAP.
tune the guitar and give the strings a good yank. it'll go way out of tune, as you've just pulled a load of slack from the tuners, tune up again, repeat.

should sort your tuning problems out.
yup stretch the strings out
untill then they sound horrible
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Did you get the wrong thickness? Strings stretch after you put them on, so that's probably the tuning problem.
I think I did get the wrong thickness. Either way I'll try pulling the strings and if that doesn't work, I'll have it checked out. lol. thanks!
Make all your electronics, bridge, and neck are tightened down good. Make sure nothing is moving around.