i think i....i think i fell in love with this guitar: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Michael-Kelly-Patriot-Glory-Electric-Guitar?sku=513848 ive been looking for a new guitar and i think this is it....ive heard great things about it and....must i say more....if you have any other ideas for a new guitar shoot away but....my amp will soon be a rolland cube or a vox of some sort....i play rock...linkin park...my chemical romance....older stuff like ac/dc and guns n roses....
michael kelly's are pretty solid, nice feel, nice sound, just make sure you have a nice-ish amp to do it justice... im more of a godin guy however... or if you want to get into popular brands a fender guy
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One thing tho, you don't get the cool inlay on the SM one. Tho spalted maple is teh sexxorz in many guitars.
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