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Bass Drum
3 19%
Backing Track
8 50%
Other (please state)
5 31%
Voters: 16.
So basically, I'm going to be playing my first gig later this month and I need opinions on what I should do for percussion due to the fact that I am going to be singing and playing electric guitar and do not have a band. I have come up with only two conclusions.

Play electric guitar/sing and have a mic'ed bass drum that I will play with my right foot.


Play electric guitar/sing while playing a prerecorded backing track on the P.A.

I've come up with some pro's/con's of this.

Bass drum:

Pros: easy to do, little preparation needed, easy to jam with so I can't really get lost.

Cons: makes it hard to switch guitar pedals on/off (though I could put the pedals on a table and turn them on/off with my hand), sounds a bit shallow.

Backing Track

Pros: don't have to keep time with my feet. sounds full.

Cons: hard to really jam, can get lost easily in part changes, requires a lot of practice.

So please tell me which you think would sound the best, be the easiest, and the crowd would like more. (and please don't just say "play acoustic")
Backing track. If you're really good, the crowd won't care that you have a backing track behind you. The bass drum in front of you would just look retarded, like you're trying to play two instruments at once, three if you include your voice. Unless you can get a person to play a simple drum beat behind you while you play in front, that would be like a buckethead kind of thing, except you'd be singing. Hope this helps.
I've used a backing track...more reliable than a person if you ask me...
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It depends really... If it's something like blues, the kick drum idea (and maybe a pedal tambourine too) would be really classy if you could pull it off. It'd be kinda weird for more modern rock though.
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lol, I would have got band members if there were any around my area that are willing to play my music. but yeah, I might as well start making some backing tracks, It will probably be easier.
arranging keyboard or a groove box instead for rythym, that way you can pre-program parts and change as needed but also do parts on the fly for jamming and control when parts change, vamp stuff as needed etc. As long as you dont pay too much attention to it and it doesnt compromise the quality of the music then youd be good. also if you can play guitar and run the keyboard or whatever (like jack white does in parts of icky thump) that could be good.
But if its bluesy or folky music a kick drum tamborine and cymbol would be cool if you could pull it off.
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Get a backing track of the keys/drums/bass and you're sorted. It's easy to sing and play at the same time.