Im a lurker and recently ive had this song stuck in my head... the lyrics go something like this "Hello America how are ya, dont ya know me im your native son" or something like that dont flame me for getting the lyrics wrong i hardly remember them.

it sounds like its form the early or mid 70s

Also its not a Def Lep. song though since thats the only song that comes up when i google it
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I don't know why but I thought of "Fortunate Son" when i read those lyrics,

I really doubt that's it though

Edit: found this on Youtube

Johnny Cash - City of New Orleans



I think that is only a cover though, I researched and have found out the original may have been by willie nelson
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ya its not CCR, the lyrics for the City of New Orleans sound a lot like what i rember but it was a lighter voice and not Cash so its probably a cover im never going to find lol
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It was originally by Steve Goodman, but your probably thinking of Arlo Guthries version.
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Arlo Guthrie. City of New Orleans
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