I have never played in my life but wanna learn so give me some feedback.
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umm not an epiphone special 2

go for something like an ibanez, or schecter

something around 300-350
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what do you play. for your avatar, i see you dont solo that much so an ibanez isnt that needed for shredding, as the ibz necks are made for soloing and not chording, so it might be awkward. maybe a schecter, esp ltd, jackson jjs, epiphone (not special series).

dont get a begginer pack
dont get a squier
spend most of the money on a good amp, like a vox valvetronix, a roland cube or randall rg, as you can play any guitar trough that and sound well
dont guide by the shape of the stuff (maybe i do that, but its something that you should avoid, and i want to stop doing that)

i.e. if you like explorers and see an explorer "no brand" at 100 usd and hate strats and see an american fender at 200, get the strat, maybe you dont like it, but wit time you wont regret having bought that, cuz of the quality and if you get the other, maybe its a dog fart guitar, and plays like an ass, and you will regret not having the strats quality. if its a nice guitar, cheers

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you can get a better-than-decent guitar for $100 or so at rondomusic.net. shipping to where i live is just $13, too---though i live on the east coast id say shipping is still cheap anywhere else.

strat and tele copies seem to be all they have in stock right now at $100-110, but still yet for a little more you can get something different/better.

it would be best for you to check out reviews of equipment at harmony-central.com and check here first.

best of luck to you!
what is your budget?

what style do you want to play?

you are going to want to direct these types of questions in the Electric guitar section.

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Yeah, take it to electric guitar. I started off on an Ibanez G10 combined with a Fender Frontman 15watt and I have been playing for two years or so and I'm only thinking of a new amp now.