When tabs are using chords i dont know how many times to strum each chord. The song I am talking about in paricular is butterfly by weezer can someone help me and can someone name some songs that have like three chords because Im really new to guitar.
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just listen to the song, and get a sence for the rhythm and where the changes are.

As for songs.....Effect and Cause by the White Stripes is easy. only two chords.
Winning Days by the Vines. four chords, but 4 easy chords.
something a little more challenging, but still easy is Wet Sand by RHCP.
3 chords is kinda the standard for blues music, also known as major triad. learn the major triads G C D7 , A D E7 , E A B7, C F G7 , D G A7. The first chord is generally what key the song is played in.
As for songs a few easy ones that you should be able to get the rhythm by listening are Folsom Prison Blues in E or Take the money and run in G margaritaville in D

Hope that helps a little
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