Yea I just got:

DB-30 Metronome

Dunlop Nylon Stiffo Jazz III Picks 24-pack

And Ernie Ball .12 strings

I hope the strings work alright. I already have either 12's or 13's on my guitar and I need to replace them. I like the gauge but I can't remember whether they were 12's or 13's...

But yea...

Anyone else order anything from guitarcenter.com recently?

Oh and it says ships in 2-5 business days. Is it really that fast? Im in Boston.
ha, that's nice. i haven't ordered from gc online, but if they say 2-5 days, i usually expect 5... which unless is ordered on a sunday, will take 7 days.
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maybe. depends where it comes from (china, CA, guitarcenter boston maybe?)
You could have went to just about any music shop and gotten strings, why online? takes too long.. and then there is shipping
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