I play and listen to mainly hardcore/metalcore, such as evergreen terrace, carpathian, parkway drive and heaps of other Australian hardcore bands.

I was wondering what stack would be the best to suit this, as i play in a band and volume is obviously needed.

im on a budget but anything under $AU 2000 would be ideal.

i was thinking an MG stack but everyone seems to hate them, are they really that bad?

guitar not bass
i dont know anything about australian money, but i know a lot of hardcore guys use crate. mesa boogie has a lot of high gain amps but that might be out of your price range.
heres the thing about the MG stack. you can get a decent tone out of it, (probably not enough gain if you like all that metal stuff) but they're poorly built, solid state, and it'll probably break or end up sounding crappy in the long run

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Well said rage

Mesa or perhaps a 5150 or peavey ultra, depending on the specific sound your after, I dont know any of the bands you listed so i cant be more specific nor can i help with the money. All i can say is buying used always helps
AWESOME! thats a great guide! Tons of the bands i see have a 5150 set up and they sound great.

I'm Leaning more towards second hand now so i might be able to get more value for money. But Ill try out some gear soon and see whats good and whats not