Im sorry if this is the wrtong section, but i was wondering where i would get volume potentiometers for my amp. any websites or something and are there any local shops that can do it
Sticky at the top of the page. If your so lazy, guitarelectronics.com has my trust

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You'll need to know the value of the potentiometer in Ohms, KOhms or MOhms. You'll also need to know the taper. i.e linear taper or log taper. Terminal type is also important. Solder leads are used for hand wired styles while PCB Mount are also common. You can get this info from your amps part list if you have one. If not, try emailing your amp manufacturer (include your model and serial number too!) Peavey was very good providing me with a free schematic for my amp when I had to troubleshoot it a while ago! Most will also provide direct replacement parts. I got 2 hard to get high voltage caps (40UFD 450WVDC) for my amps power supply for $8.00 total from them awhile ago.
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