Hi. I'm pretty new to the forum and new to effects pedals. I have a question about pedals. I have a ZOOM g1x with many different effects. I run it into a Randall RH150D G3 head and have a Randall 4x12 cab. I have a Epi Les Paul with Gibson 490r and 498t pickups installed. It seems that when I use the pedal for anything, even distortion, it sounds "synthetic" or less natural.

I love the built in noise gate on the pedal but was looking at other noise gates to purchase but don't know if I would run into the same problem.

Do I just need to accept the fact that everything is going digital?

Thank you.

Absolutely wrong forum...
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Most multi effect pedals have a lot of effects that sound like garbage. I'm not familiar with that multi-effect, but unless it was really expensive, (think rack mounted or something with "floor processor" in the name rather than multi-effect) it's probably to blame.

There's a reason why professional guitar players use dedicated boxes.

Edit: and frantix is right, wrong forum.
believe me I HAVE a GT6. you can get a very natural sounding sound if you tweak things enough, but it will never replicate the sound if you play thru analog pedals - more over there's a tremendous signal loss when it processes your guitar sound - so doing all kinds of cool things by manipulating your vol and tone levels to render playing dynamics is killed.
how about instead of just saying "WRONG FORUM!!!".....

Go ask the guys in Guitar Gear & Accessories Forum.

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