Hey guys, I just bought a Tradition B-100 series bass for my first bass (I've been playing guitar for 2 years already). It cost me $239, and I'm buying a 10-watt Kustom amp with it for $100. Anyone want to appraise my buy?
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Alright I'm not a bassist, but get a bigger amp. You'll just be buying a more powerful one in the near future because 10 watts won't even come close to keeping up with a drummer.
That's okay Blaster, because I don't plan on it. I'm not going to be playing bass with anyone else, it's just a little side-project of mine. I already play lead guitar in a band, so bass is just something to play with for the time being. I bought a small one because I didn't want to spend a ton of money on something I wouldn't use.
Tradition basses (low end) are decent starters. They usually are basswood and / or maple and have ok electronics. They are comparable to the beginning or starter pack Ibanez basses.

10 watts is Ok for practice and maybe a bit of recording, but my gut feeling is that you are going to want to upgrade if you get a bit more into it. For 10 watts, Kustom and several others offer less expensive options that have a nice solid sound. But Krank has had some decent offerings for guitar amps (entry level), so for a intro set up, you're probably OK.

And watch out! You might just get seduced by....the LOW SIDE!!! MWAAAH!!!
Oops, my bad. The amp that I got is a Kustom, not Krank. I didn't notice I wrote Krank by accident.