im wondering what the difference is between the pod 2.0 (200$) and the pod xt(300$), and whether its worth spending an extra 100 for?

and dont give me crap about buying digital stuff, i know its not as good as the real thing, but ive got my reasons
Let's check line6's website, shall we?

POD® 2.0

# 32 amp models, 16 effects
# Professional studio sound


POD® xt

# 32 amp models, 60+ effects
# Ultimate tweakability

That's probably a factor.
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Yeah, XT has expandable tones, and a USB interface. 2.0 doesn't. I'm inordinately fond of my 2.0, but XT is a better box and probably worth it (you could find those suckers cheaper than $300 if you look at the Bay or buy used elsewhere).
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The Pod 3 is supposed to be released in the coming months. You may want to hold out until then.
Podx3 is due any day now. Early September is what I heard.

Anyway, the XT is worth the extra $100. The modeling technology has been improved and is just much better overall. You might want to wait for the Podx3 though.
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the PODXT is also easier to mess around with because it has a lot of interaction due to its display, much easier to create your own tones on i believe, i love my XT and im gunna be buying the new model packs soon.