pretty much our band is really individually musically talented, but we all got problems that are really ****ing us up. basically, we have two great guitarist that can write good songs and work together(but the one is startin gto things hes wasting his time as weve still yet to play a show, its been 2 months), a singer who really has an amazing voice, but he doesnt want to be commuted to something hes not sure will be a success, and a good drummer who puts his varsity sports over the band, and a normal bassist. we've written songs individually that re good as hell but no one else knos that cause weve never actulyl played them as a full band so none of us are really like sure this thing is gonna work. we even come from an area (even same town) that is home to many many bands that are creatign todays music (alt/inde/emo ****)

my question is: how the **** can i put these good songs, talented ppl, together to make this ****ing thing work?
All the good bands had plenty of tension. But a man who puts sports before music... not good. If you have talented people then I'd make it work, remember it's not all up to you.

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yea i got the same problem

and i called a band meeting and we got it together and now r playing together a lot more and starting to gig

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