does anyone know where i can get a set of LED lights that go behind your guitar pickups? Ive seen it done before and it looks pretty sweet. Anyone know where?
from your local electrical components dealer?
Have you bothered to look anywhere?

You could also get a controller kit to go with those so it changes colours and flashes and stuff...
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^^do u need it to light up according to which pickups u are currently doing? if so, it might be hard. you'd need a special switch. but if u just want it to blink at a constant rate, you can do it. buy them from pedalpartsplus.com for $.40 each.
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no i was just thinking like an led flashlight, a constant on and off with the push of a button
you need a 2.2k resistor, 9v battery and clip, and an dpdt, spdt, or spst toggle.
^ Don't forget LEDs.
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