Anyone ever heard of Shane Koyczan, the amazing canadian beat-poet? if not, check out some of his videos on youtube, great poetry with such a great stage presence.

Here's my favourite by him:

Your entire body shakes when you laugh.
As if your sense of humor was built on a fault line,
And the coast of your heart falls into the ocean of yourself;
And I am left looking for this Atlantis.

Left looking for this place that exists in stories told by old men
Who were there when mathematics assured them...
Their willingness to believe was greater than their determination to dismiss.
I am left looking for Atlantis.
Regardless of the scientists that insist my efforts would be better-spent unearthing clues to where the wild things went.

Try as it might, faith can't put a dent in fact.
So we must settle for watching science reinact the world.
As if the universe was curled around this globe.
And if we consider that the universe is never ending,
Then we are not even a microbe.
We're like a death threat from a pacifist.
We're nothing.

But the Heisenberg uncertainty principle states that "nothing is fo shizzle."
And the interesting thing about that is
It ensures the principle itself can't even be a fact.
But we still act as if this time we can see the forest for the trees.
Regardless of the soft wood lumber levy
We fall in lines like reforest pine...
It's all straight rows,
Where everything grows a little less wild.
We come from a mentality that rarely sees the horror in symmetry,
Or the beauty in non-conformity.
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