Yeah, i made this awile ago when my fiance dumped me for another guy. i NEVER sing, because i have no confidence in my voice, but i made this for her in hopes of swaying her emotions, which it did do, but not enough. i guess i feel like sharing it, im not really sure why. i probably mixed my voice to low to even hear because i thought it was so bad, eh whatev.


feel free to pwn my voice, im more about the playing/writing.

c4c as always!
Listening to it now.

Intro is really good, soft and soothing. vocals could u some improvement. WOW i love the lil solo, went with the song perfectly. U have great tone, playing is so polished and clean. i really liked it, everything was great except for the vocals, but still was great keep it up. crit mine.
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That intro is great, very well made. The vocals need a work, both vocally and recording. That solo/bridge is amazing, very wll made and it flows perfectly. Your playing is super clean, and that tone is great. The ending was really good!
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wow. this sounds so emotional...especially after reading what its about. the guitar is great, i really like it. the vocals aren't that bad...but its obvious that you aren't a singer. you are a songwriter though, so as long as you can get across your idea with the vocals then its fine. I think this would also sound really good with a full band played a little faster and a lot heavier. I really think it would sound awesome like that. overall i enjoyed listening to this. i like how you repeat 'for the last time.'

crit me?
ok man, i thought the song was quite good, i guess the vocals arnt great but i cant talk.... lol but there nothin a litle practice cant sort out i recon. acoustic playing was great. the solo was perfect too, brilliantly played. so overall nice song dude.

could u crit mine please?? Its called "Gone"