I snapped a string on my Schecter Omen 6, I was wondering how do I change the strings? Is there a guide I can follow somewhere? How hard is it? Thanks in advance.
you've been a member here since feb. and you've never changed strings?

edit: this looks like it'd be helpful


it's not hard at all...eventually you'll get to the point where you can change a string in about 60 seconds
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It depends on the trem, I assume you have a fixed bridge? I'm not familiar with Schecters. Anyway, if it's a fixed bridge, it's VERY easy. Simply remove all of the strings, and put them back in the way you took them out. The way I tie the strings around the post is I wrap the string around 3/4 times (depending on gauge) and then pass it through the hole, I have little to no tuning problems that way. Be sure to stretch your strings too.

It's when you have the double-locking trems that things get more complicated. I just changed the strings on my Ibanez RG yesterday, it was a pain, but it NEVER goes out of tune; but I digress.
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