I really, really want a Rickenbacker, but they seem so hard to come by. Not too mention even if I had a job, it'd take me like 15 weeks or even more to save up for one.

I have to say my main attraction to the Rickenbacker is the shorter scale length; it's the only bass I've found that's under 34".

What I'm asking is if there are any other basses with a shorter scale length than 34"? I really don't want to spend the money on a Ric, and they seem really hard to even come by online.

So are there any other options?
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Umm.....the only short scale bass Ric ever made was the 3000...and good luck finding one of those. I'm pretty sure that all teh 4000 series has a 34" scale. Anyways, check out some Fender Mustangs, or Gibson EB-3s.
I think the 4003 is 33 1/4". I guess to clarify my question, I'm looking for something around there. Not sure why, it just appeals more to me. Thanks for the suggestions though.
2006 Warwick
EB-0 (SG bass)

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Have you considered building a short scale? Warmoth might have the parts you need or you could scavenge them and make your own "FrankenBass"!
If you got the money, just order a neck from Warmoth and bolt it on the body style of your choice. Well, the body has to be bolt on style, but that doesn't limit you all too much.
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EB-0 (SG bass)

If you do get this don't get the epiphone version, save up and find a gibson.