i've seen this word so many times now..
but i really dont know what is this[call me stupid ^__^]

Questions are:

What is a Arpeggio?

It is all About?

What help it can give?

How is it applied?

Is it about scales?

Please great masters[heheheh] explain it to me ^_______^

thanks in advance....
In music, an arpeggio is a broken chord where the notes are played or sung in succession rather than simultaneously. The word, like many other musical terms, originates from Italian, in which it means "in the manner of the harp." The use of arpeggios is called arpeggiation.

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Instead of Strumming (any) Chord, you just pick the notes out one by one.

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it is a chords notes okayed seperately.

|--1--|            C major chord(all notes played together in 1 stroke.)

|----------------1------|            C major chord arpeggio (same chord, notes played seperate)                                                                                   

look at songs like knocking on heavens door, house of the rising sun, behind blue eyes etc for use of arpeggios.
Neo classical guys like Yngwie and shredders will use these alot. They arrange the notes in the chord in a pattern to pick or sweep pick. A famous example that you may have heard is "Eugene's trick bag" from the movie Crossroads. Ralph Macchio's part starts with a trill followed by an A minor triad played up and down the neck.
Questions are:

What is a Arpeggio?

When notes of a chord are picked one at time rather than strummed.

What help it can give?

It sounds excellent if applied in solos and in classical music.

How is it applied?

Only certain styles of music use arpeggios. Arpeggios are used in baroque, classical, and even some modern music like Neo-Classical Metal music, and Country lead guitar. Check out Yngwie Malmsteen. He's a master of arpeggios.

Is it about scales?

Here's an article entitled Arpeggio 101. Covers the basics.

For more study on this, pick up a guitar technique book. It should cover arpeggios more thoroughly. Good luck and happy practicing.
Arpeggios are also useful when playing jazz bass.
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