I just got a new Squier Standard Stratocaster. It came with .09 strings, and i replaced em with .11's.. I know it's a big jump, and i've done it before, and i know how to adjust the intonation. But with this guitar, it's pulled the whole bridge up and will not stay in tune. What do I do???
Blues Power
unscrew the white thing at the back and tighten those two screws that are screwed into the body and keep the grounding plate there.
i've done that already, didn't work, there's still a pretty big bridge lift
Blues Power
how far are those 2 screws sticking out, i'm using .10's on my squier and they are sticking out about 3 quarters of a centimetre and my bridge is nice and flat, and i still have a lot of good tension pushing the whammy down.