Hi guys. I started on a crappy ebay 40 dollar acoustic last month, and today my dad told me the guitar was a little bit "uneven". I thought, hey, many that's why i cant play some of those barre chords >.<

Anyway. I decided if I really want to learn this instrument, i need to stop playing something that will teach me bad basics.

I've been looking at this yamaha guitar

however it's a bit above my budget (around 300). I guess I will get something like this when i get better

anyways... I play nothing hardcore. No metal or stuff like that.

Taking all recommendations from you pros!
Nothing really to recommend on dude, other than yes, get a new guitar when you acn afford it if you feel you need a new one.
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Quote by _3Lm0_
what style of music do you want to play?

Alternative, folk, some rock i guess

If electric + amp is going to be expensive, i think i ll just get one of those acoustics under 300.

i heard you can get some pretty sweet acoustic for that price
Ah i see now...
Well i play metal, so im not totally up to date with your rock/soft stuffs but:
Squier fat strat - $150


LP Special II - $150

Roland cube 15x -$100


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This is the best combination pack I've seen yet.


Decent Peavey guitar and a REAL tube amp. $279
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Here's my advice and please take it and run with it:

Agile Guitars - Pick any Agile that costs $200.

Then for an amp get a Roland Cube 15X or a Vox Pathfinder 15R

Other than that get whatever cables/tuners/etc. you need. But any combination of those Agiles with either of those amps will sound and play beautifully for the price.
i don't know if i'd bother with one of those 5 watt tube amps for a beginner- you have to turn them up LOUD to get any overdrive, and what overdrive there will be will be not much heavier than classic rock.

I'll take the liberty of assuming a little flexibility in your price-range. No point in saving $20 if you get something which is much worse, IMO.



http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Vox-DA5-Portable-Amplifier-?sku=482065 (i haven't tried the da5- assuming it's similar to the ad15vt, it might be worth saving that $60 to put towards a nicer guitar).


i'd probably go with the da5 and the pacifica 112, to be honest.
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