ok i know there has been a few of these before but i searched and nothing came up so ive been playing for a years and a half and i just average but my brother just started and he wants to do some songs together so i need some songs where one guy is just hitting something real simple like one riff or all power chords throughout the song.
thanks for any help
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why dont you just make up stuff?... its a lot funner than playing to a song, but i really do like Back in Black. that and Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap. those are fun ACDC songs that dont require much time to learn
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The second song I ever learned was My Happiness by Powerder Finger, teaches you riffs and power chords. Very easy to play, good for a starting song
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Anything by AC/DC or KISS - either that or simply jam on some blues.
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simple two guitar songs?
For whom the bell tolls by Metallica.
Back in black by AC/DC
If you can transpose, then you guys could do Don't Forget me by RHCP. He could do the bass part(basically move the notes down two frets from the bass notes and play them on the low E an A strings on the guitar)
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