Poll: What will you be doing this weekend?
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View poll results: What will you be doing this weekend?
18 10%
Having gay sex
20 11%
Watching the rugby
12 7%
What I'm doing now
27 15%
8 4%
Pissing on the lawn
4 2%
Supporting my president
2 1%
Cutting myself
2 1%
Getting drunk
32 18%
Other... (please explain)
53 30%
Voters: 178.
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Went drinking yesterday, start work today then I'm going to an outdoor gig after that then going drinking again. Tommorow I'll probably just watch some movies.
Nailing a Fat Chick
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I'm going my uncles for a jamming session and having my guitar lesson.
Seeing Shoot 'Em Up, saw 3:10 to Yuma today already. Play guitar, work, homework, study, play Heroclix, UG, friends, ect. The usual.
666 BRO
Freaking out over whether or not I made it into the school play. The results were posted today but I was home from school with a fever, so I couldn't see the list, and none of my friends care about me enough to check for me.

Other than that... Nothing.

I play piano and guitar.
Do you play piano?
Add me.
Not much maybe just jamming and stuff

but today i was riding on my bike and there were these 3 dudes and one was on bike aswell and one of them kept staring at me and i gave him the devils horns and as i ride off i hear him saying something with **** in the sentence which i could tell was directed at me and i yell out "**** YOU!" and he chases after me and goes "GET BACK HERE ****!" and i say "no you mite beat me up" (in a joking manner and i couldnt go kick his ass anyway coz he had 2 other mates, theres a difference between being courageous and stupid) and i just continued cruising
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I like to play this game where I'll see how many times I can look at a particular chicks ass or tits until I get caught.

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Fat chicks are different. They don't count, they aren't women.

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getting drunk, or have way there, and hanging out, seeing a good punk show, and having a good time, friday night, what else is there to do?

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Well today i watched my footy club win 3 games out of 3. We now have 3 teams in the grand final and tomorrow I'm probally jammin with some friends
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Freaking out over whether or not I made it into the school play. The results were posted today but I was home from school with a fever, so I couldn't see the list, and none of my friends care about me enough to check for me.

Other than that... Nothing.

Been there. Good luck

I'm working. I have a whole assload of schoolwork I need to finish.

Catch me,
heal me,
Lift me back up to the Sun
I choose to live
Gay Sex.

Looking foward to it
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Gay Sex.

Looking foward to it

I'd imagine you'd be looking behind to it.
I was supposed to have a date with a girl today but she kinda had to register for her car license with her dad today, so it's more like we're going out tomorrow but with a bunch of friends to a music competition at the mall tomorrow....

As for today, I'll enjoy another hour of playing on my guitar and then I'll be watching TV mostly....maybe a movie or something later at night....

And btw, its nearly 5 in the evening here in Singapore

Have fun buddies!!!!
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all of the above OBV
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Band practice.
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going to an empty appartment asd spleeping there with friends and some good red wine
I like straberry pie

don't you?

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How the hell could you miss out Watching the England game?!

And I've got a busy day, am going to town in a while, then the England game with lads, then a party tonight

Don't know about tomorrow though.
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Ride my bike and try not to get more sunburnt
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motorboat the clit you motorboatin' sonofabitch.
Today I'm going to meet-up with a friend I Think then go to someone birthday shindig and win over the girl I like. . .kinda bad that my friends birthday is only an excuse to get a girl for me
And tomorrow is a doss out i reckon **** all ALL DAY!
Getting over cold (and missing crappy "family event" and 6 hour car journey muhahahahah)

Outside in garden, reading, eating, chilling, lvling up on some cool free MMORPG - trying to contact a cool girl I know, chilling with cat, listening to planet rock radio, mp3's, eating some more great food, tv, rugby maybe, talking to other cool people, youtube.

Life is good!
just finished watching the north queensland cowboys beat the canterbury bulldogs (NRL), which means the warriors (nz team) are safe for another week

and in half an hour im gonna watch the AB's kick Italy's ar$e
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Thats always the way to live it up, I'm not even joking.

Damn right. Those without cats are missing out.

One of my 3 is on my screen at the moment, chilling out hard, randomly meowing and chasing the curser
Going to the Scotland match then in the night I'm going to see MacFloyd
I Watched Download 07 on the internet Because I'm A poor Bastard and I'm Damn Proud!

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Well.. I was drinking last night, drinking today and probably drinking tomorrow. A levels are hard work!
goin my mates house with other mates. we'll probs bitch about last night. chavs... attacking... pussy... motherf***ing fags.
F*** Teh World.
Supporting my president, ifyouknowwhatImean
There's a culture night thing happening in my city. Lots of street-theatre and live bands. And ofcourse getting really, really drunk.
finishing up some homework of watching TV and reading my TV pro. book

walk around the house being bored....as always

play some guitar...

and did I mention I'll be bored???

I need something to do on the weekends around this area...............................
I'm having an all weekend session of booze & sleep.
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Is there any black people on UG?
I don't think a lot of black people play guitar anymore.

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they all kinda went extinct after hendrix really.

Needless to say, I lol'ed.

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Appart from being on UG or wanking, thats what i mostly do
Drink, guitar, girls, work. Cant complain.

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