i have a dilemma

i need a guitar

(no more than 1,500 ( i am willing to go custom if you can give me a guide to what i need))

and amp (at least 100watt)


can play jazz and metal to a full quality... oh this one is tricky, plus i am not going to buy a les paul, gretch or gibson. SO anybody can give me a a helping hand on the guitar PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!!! help me

so i wanna be able to shread out some children of bodom and then sit back and jam along to some muddy waters....

and for anybody who is going WHAT THE **** WHY SO LOUD?!?!


amp i can do anything under 700

currency is AUSSIE!!!!! so for one aussie dollar is 87.6 cents american (i think)

**** it you do the math
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Why the hell do you need a 100 watt amp? There's plenty of amps with a more reasonable wattage that could do what you want perfectly, the ENGL Screamer for example...
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Laney LC-50 for the amp. Divine cleans, esp. for Jazz. Reasonably good gain. 50 watts, all tube. Loud. Awesome amp.

As for the guitar, I don't know. Try a Washburn WI-66, or a Fernandes Ravelle, but then again, they're both Les paul types...
yeah, what's the currency?

how much do you have for the amp too?
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ok, as long as u dont have active pickups, most guitars can do jazz. Jazz requires you to know the sound you want and you have to be able to actually convey that with the way u hit each note. I dont kno how much sense that makes, but thats the ebst way i can describe it. A fender fat strat can do a good deal of everything, just go to guitar center and try a lot out adn ask them
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You need a 100w amp? Where do you live, a ****ing canyon?

And for the guitar, I recommend a PRS SC 250 Satin:

And don't bitch at me for the price, you didn't say the currency.

Canyons permit resonance quite well, actually. *shot*

In terms of the amp, I seriously doubt you need 100W. Venues too large for a 30W amp but not large enough to have its own speaker system do well with 50W amps. Personally I would recommend the Fender Bassman '59 for its jazzy cleans and then purchasing a good distortion pedal (the Bassman has no lead channel) to compliment that. It's 50W and it can get loud as all hell. Unfortunately I can't help you in the guitar area, I would have recommended a Gibson LP with a change in the neck position but you're opposed to Gibsons for whatever reason.

And bored_maniac33, I've known jazz guitarists to be more specific about their tone than quote un-quote metal guitarists.
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go with a high end Ibanez RG prestige series, or a JEM. For amps, peavey makes plenty of good heads that you can get a cab for.
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The only thing you gain between a 50-watt and 30-watt tube amp is clean headroom, to be honest. The actual difference between them cranked is noticeable, but not huge.
If you want to go expensive for the amp buy a mesa mark IV. Most versatile amp ever, sparkly cleans, and nice crunch, plus the lead channel's tone is beautiful.