Hey im planing on getting a Peavey 6505 Head and combining it with a nice cabinet. Any advice on which cabinet I play basic Metal, Metallica, Slayer, Lamb of God, Chimaira, Machine Head, Megadeth all that which cabinet would you guys suggest i need something not to expensive..

Thanks Alot
Quote by TheDev01dOne
Marshall 1960B or BV.

Straight cabs > slant cabs

Says who?
Marshall cabs make the 6505 sound bright as hell, I remember some kid trying it out at G.C and we did a side to side comparison on the matching Peavey cab and the Marshall 1960A or B (dont exactly remember) and it sounded really bright, it sounded really dark with the matching cab, I say get the matching Peavey cab IMO, but go ahead and try them both out.
Yeah, I really don't care for the way 5150/6050's sound through Marshall cabs. Try Mesa or Peavey.