Well, it's been a while since I've seen a fellow Glaswegian in here.

So basically, I'm a guitarist, 15 years old, just looking for people to jam with, be you guitarists, bassist, whatever, or maybe start up a band.

I'm up for playing metal, rock, punk, jazz, anything really.
And if you're looking for a band member, I can also write songs, just check out my threads in the Tabs & Chords section here.

I'll be in Paisley 5 days a week starting next Saturday - will be 18 soon, can play guitar, bass, drums and can sing a bit. Only have my own guitar though. I'm gonna add you as a friend here and get back to you in a few weeks after I've settled in - good luck with your search.
I am nearly 13 tiny and live in East Kilbride and not at the stage i am amzing yet
see i would have been up for that......

but i just found a new band so all my times going into that,
also judging by your scarified cover, id get totally annihilated anyway
Top lel.