Hello guys

Well I've been playng for a long time, and i'm starting a band

So my Roland cube 30 isn't the same thing anymore

My actual gear is:

Roland cube 30
Original Cry baby
Footswitch for the roland
Jackson kelly js30
J&D Les Paul copy with mohogany body

I'm thinking of seeling my J&D and my roland cube and get a new amp, since i need watts now... My price range can go to 700€

I'm in a mood to get a Laney LV 300 Halfstack, here are some specs:

You'll want your playing to be heard. That's why we amplify the sound of this beautiful tube driven preamp with a 120 watt output stage, that can deliver into a 4 ohm load, allowing you to connect up to the cabs especially designed for this head - the LV412A and LV412S.
- 120 Watts - Channels 3 (Clean, Drive 1 and Drive 2) - Equalisation Independent Bass, Mid, and Treble for Clean and Drive - Bright Switch (Clean Channel) - Reverb, with independent level controls for Clean and Drive - Footswitch Custom 3-Way (Included) - Speaker connections 2x Jacks (4 Ohms) - FX Loop - Cabinet Design Chrome corners, rubber handle and rubber feet - Scoop Switch 2 (Drive 1 & Drive 2) - Tube Fusion Techlogy ECC83 Preamp Valve - Weight 12 Kg - Dimensions (mm) 670 x 249 x 245
- 200 Watts - 8 Ohms - 4x12" Celestion Rocket 50 Speakers - Weight 31,5 kg - Dimensions 73 x 71,5 x 35,7 cm

ok this isn't my dream gear... my dream gear would be a peavey XXX or 6505... but just the peavey head costs more then the laney halfstack...

So tell me guys is this a nice buy?

And maybe in 2 moths i'm getting a ESP with EMG 81/85... would it be a good combination?

Best regards

The ReBeL
Not the best amp you could get. You don't need a half-stack, nor 120 watts. A 30 watt valve combo will do just fine for practice and for gigging. I'm guessing that you're into metal, looking at your gear, so I would suggest looking into a used Peavey 5150 (it's the same as the 6505) combo on eBay. Alternatively, you could try a Peavey Valveking and some kind of pedal to push it into heavier territory.
yep, don't go for watts, the difference in volume isn't actually that much.
go for a mid sized valve combo, check out...
Peavey Valveking
Laney LC30

Maybe i'm going for the peavey 5051 used on ebay, the problem is that not all the guys ship to portugal

I'm more into metal but i also like rock, Jet, Audioslave, Red hot...

I've found a really nice deal for a Engl E-625 Fireball Head...

What do you guys think? It has 2 channels but the bass,mid, trebble is the same in the 2 channels...