Ok, so i'm changing my srtings on my squier strat, and even though i've been playing for 2 years, i've always changed my strings once at a time, but it really needs a clean, underneath the pickups, the fretboard, and pretty much everywhere, but my mate, who has been playing guitar for a yaer or so longer than me, says that that releases tension in the neck or something, and gives your guitar a bad sound. Basically, can I take all the strings off at the same time, or does it do anything?
It'll mess with your tremolo.

Just replace your strings one or two at a time, whilst cleaning between replacing them.
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it doesnt really matter, it wont damage anything.
Just remember to retune it a few times over the next few days to make sure the neck sits back in place again nicely.
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I always take all of my strings off at once
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Yea, I have NEVER changed strings one at a time. I just changed my buddy's strings for him the other day and he freaked when i snipped all 6 strings at once, haha.
I took my acoustic guitar in to be setup a while ago and they take your strings off and let the guitar sit in a climate controlled room for a couple of days with no strings so it can't be very damaging. It wasn't some dodgy back street shop either, they are a reputable shop in Sydney.
It really shouldn't matter that much with a Strat-style guitar. If you had a Floyd Rose bridge, then you'd want to do it one at a time, but you don't, so don't worry.
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It really shouldn't matter that much with a Strat-style guitar. If you had a Floyd Rose bridge, then you'd want to do it one at a time, but you don't, so don't worry.

Not true, snipping them all at once is the easiest way to do FR string replacement. You just gotta know how to do it.

Best tool you could have for changing the strings on a FR is a small piece of wood to sit under the tremolo so it doesn't sink into the cavity. =)
Take all the strings off. Put new ones on.

I've never changed them one at a time. It's never hurt my guitars to change them all at once.

Just a bitch tuning them a couple hours after the string change.

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Either way is just fine, taking all the strings off at once won't hurt the guitar, neck or bridge, but I prefer not to snip them off with cutters, I use a string winder and let the tension off the neck gradually.

As already noted, you will probably have to retune a few times until everything settles back into place. That's the reason I always change my strat and Peavey Patriot one string at a time. But due to string stretch I always have to retune several times anyway so 6 of one, half dozen of the other...
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^ yup thats the best way to do it. since the truss rod puts counter pressure on the neck, letting the strings out slowly can prevent your neck from getting messed up by snipping them all at once. ive heard horror stories about necks cracking when you snip them all in one go, because the truss rod puts to much pressure on it. so id say change them one at a time usually, but if you need to take them off to clean, do it nice and easy.
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Unless your guitar neck is made of cardboard, there is no way in hell a truss rod will snap the neck because you cut all 6 strings at once. Whoever told you that 'horror story' REALLY exaggerated it.
Yeah, I really doubt that the truss rod would snap the neck, guitar necks are pretty sturdy and will take a lot of abuse and the truss rod can't move inside its channel enough to do something like break a piece of wood at least an inch thick, it's also not bent that much, just bowed against the neck about 1/8 inch or so, maybe a bit more. Necks have to be sturdy to hold up to the kind of tension created by a set of .011 strings, which most guitars can handle. I detune mine individually just to be on the safe side, but I doubt you would cause any real damage clipping them off. But I wouldn't recommend it either.
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It's not necessarily the neck that could suffer from snipping strings either. That shock to the guitar could cause other undesirable things to happen, like loosening screws. Always detune first so that all strings are slack, then either snip or just unwind from the posts. If you don't have patience to try to pull the coiled up part of the string through the trem, then snip away. And there's no proof that I've read anywhere that removing all strings at once will cause any damage whatsoever to the neck. Perhaps if you let it sit without strings on it for a few years it might do something, but not for the few minutes it'll take to give the guitar a good cleaning then put a new set of strings back on.
if you know how to setup a guitar then feel free to take them all off at once.
have another set ready to go on afterwards.

if you take them off, of course you shouldnt snip tuned strings.
if for no other reason, than that's a good way to cut youself.

keep in mind.
you'll need to keep trem bridges stable.
you'll have more shifting, and will want to check intonation.
your neck might relax, so be up on ur truss rod adjustments.
and on TOM bridges, they sometimes pop off, so be ready to catch it, and return it to the guitar in the correct direction.

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Over the course of 20 minutes (This is what I do, I maybe over(under)-doing it, but whatever) slowly loosen each string until you can take them off. Use an old, clean, soft rag, give 'er a wipe down, buff it, polish, etc. Put on new strings, done. Watch the action on your bridge as well.