Over the last 1,5 years I've seen lots of people march in the metal forum making threads about metal songs they want to cover.. Obviously these threads get closed from the gods of the metal forum..

I was wandering if we could make a rec thread for Cover songs.. It can be recs for beginners, thrash songs, heavy songs, etc etc, intermediate, same, etc etc..

And I'm sure lost of people in this forum wander which song to cover but they don't quite ask..

So, is this a good idea or is this worthless and stupid and I should be in the FOTB ?

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i think its a good idea, but it shud be a cover thread and then have generalizations about which genres there are

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Well, I'll give it a shot...

More popular crowd pleasers..

Iron Maiden
-the trooper
-aces high

-master of puppets
-seek and destroy

-peace sells


Testament - Over the wall, Alone in the dark
Exodus - Impaler
Kreator - Pleasure to kill
Municipal waste - Bang over, Unleash the bastards


Death - Crystal Mountain
Behemoth - Slaves shall serve, Christgrinding avenue
Necrophagist - Stabwound, Foul body Autopsy, Fermented offal discharge
Skinless - the optimist
Exhumed - the matter of splatter
Cryptopsy - cold hate warm blood, phobophile, open face surgery


Darkthrone - whiskey funeral
Gorgoroth - god seed
Dissection - the second song off storm of light's bane (can't remember the title)

Children of bodom - follow the reaper, black widow
Ate the gates - blinded by fear, suicide nation, slaughter of the soul
Dark tranquility - lost to apathy

Anyways, that's all I feel like doing for now, some take more skill then others, and some you'll need a keyboardist for.
I think its a good idea, maybe people can also post vids' of them selfs playing in this thread.

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I think its a good idea, maybe people can also post vids' of them selfs playing in this thread.

Yeah, the video idea ain't bad at all.. I have done some covers but I don't have a video camera to record my ugly face.
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there should be a thread about best metal covers.....like Berzerker - Corporal Jigsore Quandary (Carcass)
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We should also make an "amazing, jaw dropping feat of guitar work" section where truly impressive pieces can be found.

You mean an "Alonso Show-Off" section?

j/k j/k

And I like this idea.

Having a good reference point would be nice. And having a link to a good (keyword) tab on UG or Rivers of Gore or something wouldn't be a bad idea either.
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Good Cuz I just think itd be better than me making a thread asking what I should cover, and then everyone going LULZ NO ATTENTION *****S GTFO. And then I am left with a lack of a fun song, and a few months of boredom Plus im sure everyone else wants to get their hands on such pieces

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Well I'm currently working on two of their songs, swarm of the formless and lash by lash. Both should be done with vocals in a month or so.
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