Hi All
After you guys steered me clear of the mg series i was hoping you could give me some input into the 8080 i found one for £90, sounds and looks pretty sweet.
What is the overall opinion on this amp
thank you in advance for any feed back
sorry to sound such an amp virgin.
Valvestate amp if im not mistaken, the early models are decent, later ones worse
You could probably still do better, depending on your budget. Are you willing to spend more?
It depends what you want it for. If you want something to practice at home to, then get a smaller but better quality amp. If you want something to practice with your mate who plays bass/guitar, get something a little smaller but higher quality. If you want something to compete with a drummer, this will probably be one of the few amps that does in this price range (as far as I know) but bear in mind that it will sound a LOT worse loud than it will quiet. Also don't fall into the valvestate trap - this amp is NOTHING like a valve amp - trust me, I have one of these and an all valve amplifier, there is no competition. That said though, the valve amp is 3x the cost (got my 8080 for £20 though cause it needed fixing!)
thought you already had a valvestate?

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I ask cuz i have a Valvestate 100 for practise and small gigs and was looking at the MG 250 DFX but with the recent trouble marshall have been in with the lead issues finding an amp is proving to be difficult to have a go on.
yeah 100 but like i said amp noob virgin whatever you wanna call it just after advice on amps.
If I were you, I'd ignore it. It's probably almost the same as the one you have now (I could be wrong, though). If that's all you have, money-wise, then I agree with MrCarrot that you should get the Vox. If you have more, then tell us what you like to play, what you'll be using the amp for and how much you have to spend and we'll help find you something suitable
i have set myself £250 to get an amp obviously want the best amp for that
it is gonna be used for foo fighters chillis audioslave that kinda sound
both home and gigging
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^Okay. Styles of music you like? Are you gigging with it?
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