Hey everybody,

So I'm sellin my old 2nd Gen iPod NANO, just because I want that badass new one.
I'm willing to go pretty low to sell it, and if you throw in a couple extra bucks, I'll leave some songs on it for you.
It comes with, the iPod, the cable that connects it to your pc, headphones, and the case, if I can find it.
So if anybodys intrested just ask a price, and I am payin shipping.

2 dolla...and a cookie
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Size? And this is the one with the aluminum body, longer batt. life, etc. right? I can't keep up with all of the generations of iPods Apple releases. And what condition is it in?
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fuzzyDXMG=GREAT buyer/trader, easy to deal with.
how much memory does it have, and what color is it?
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Oh right, it's a sillver 2G, bought it for $149, it's not in the best condition, but it works fine.

And it is the aluminum one, with the longer batt. life.