Hy, I'm a novice. I'm practicing shred scales, I have one of those new VOX battery amps (the competition for the micro-cube) in camoflauge. The high notes sound godd-like, but the low notes on the heavy strings sound like muff fuzz. I don't like rolling anything back like volume, tone, or gain because then the godd-like sound of the high notes suffer.

My two choices I've settled on to fix it, gathered from surfing the web, are:

1) Kerry King EQ pedal

2) new amp - Roland Cube 15 or 30. This choice came from looking around at y'alls posts on this site.

The goal, ultimately, is recording at my house.

Thanx Guys! -hanz
The amp is your problem
The Cube 30 would be good for you

The KFK 10 band EQ is good, but you need a good amp in the first place for effect

What do you mean by shred scales out of interest?
Shred Scales = Metal Method Speed Kills, Volume One the old VHS tape. Since I've started, my playing has definitely grown expedientially! Thanx for the advice so far guys!
Definitely a new amp..
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