a trem, or tremelo, is a whammy bar
a truss rod is a metal bar that runs through the neck of your guitar, and it adds tension to compensate for the strings pulling on it

and intonation.... not exactly my cup of tea.
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trem-short for tremolo. its a type of bridge that lets u either do wide vibrato or huge pitch shifts, depending on the type.

intonation-how well an instrument stays in tune. If u play a harmonic at the 12th fret, and then the note at the 12th fret, they shuold be exactly the same. to adjust it, u move the saddles on ur bridge up or down.

truss rod-rod in the neck that keeps ur neck from bending too much. can be adjusted with an Allen wrench.most are found right above the nut, either with a cover or no cover. Acoustics have them under the top, just by where the neck joins the body.